Sport Film and Print & Cut

These materials can be cut into letters/numbers or shapes and heat pressed onto most types of garments or materials. We use stock coloured vinyls or special vinyls that can be printed on and pressed into a garment. Print & Cut is ideal for full colour prints.  It leaves a silky, soft, matte finish, which is both stretchable and durable in the wash(When laundered inside out).


Highest Quality Materials

At More than Tz we believe that the customer deserves the very BEST. High quality garments are not enough. We used only the BEST sport vinyls and print & cut materials. We want you to be thrilled with your product when it is new and wash after wash after wash.


Sports Film

Sports Film is great for one or two colour designs on cotton or athletic materials. It is cut using a vinyl cutter and the excess is removed, which is called weeding. And then it is heat and pressure adhered to various types of garments.

Name & Numbers

The highest quality European Vinyls are used. They are not only vibrant but also very durable. Strong enough to withstand any player abuse.



Print & Cut Vinyls


When one colour vinyl just isn’t enough. Printing patterns and using multiple colours printed, cut and then adhered using heat, gives for a very professional looking garment.


Believe in More than Tz to help you with all your customizing needs.