Rotary engraving can be used to engrave on all kinds of metals. It makes deep cuts into many materials, from plastic to stainless steel, and it creates a beautiful “carved” look that you can actually feel with your fingertips.


Laser engraving creates a crisp, clean, permanent mark. It’s an excellent method for engraving graphics and photographs. Lasers can be used to engrave a huge variety of materials and products.





There are so many choices it is impossible to list.  More than Tz offers achievement and recognition items from several suppliers…If it exists we will be able to help you find the “right” one!




Leather  & leatherlike notebooks, wallets, switch plate covers, belts, dog collars, basically as long as it can fit into the machine (12″ x 24″).   This includes leather and fabric “appliqués” (Letters and shapes, that can be stitched on other products such as bags or jackets). The possibilities are only limited by your creativity.


Various plastics and metals can be marked or engraved for signage and some even cut for stencils. Contact us so we can help you find the correct material for your specific project needs.


WOW…Is what people say

Photographs and even intricate graphics can be displayed in different materials such as wood, glass and even mirror. Let the graphics team at More than Tz help create a design to suit any of your project needs.